Completed Residential Landscapes

Pick a nice day and drive by the homes of satisfied customers and experience our craftsmanship for yourself!

West Bloomfield (Southern areas)

Knollwood Commons
North off 14 Mile, East of Haggerty

7642 Watford
7693 Watford
7698 Watford

Village Square
West off Farmington, North of 14 Mile

5038 Village Square Ct.
5096 Silverwood
5022 Silverwood Ct.
5043 Silverwood Ct.
3325 Village Commons Dr.
7378 Village Square Dr.

Maple Creek
South off Maple, East of Farmington

4745 Walnut Creek Dr.
4757 Walnut Creek Dr.
4728 Walnut Creek Dr.
4606 Maple Creek Ct.
4539 Maple Creek Ct.
4392 Stoneview
4397 Stoneview
4517 Stoneview
4632 Stoneview
6682 Maple Creek Blvd.
6730 Maple Creek Blvd.
4415 Forestview Dr.
4568 Forestview Dr.
4607 Forestview Dr.
4631 Forestview Dr.
4640 Forestview Dr.
4688 Forestview Dr.
6728 Forestview Dr.
6735 Maple Creek Blvd.

Chelsea Park
South off Maple, East of Halsted

6815 Charing Crossing
6705 Carlyle
7476 Colchester
7334 Colchester
7459 Rafford Lane

Potomac Village
South off Walnut Lake, East of Drake

4465 Woodridge Ct.

South off Maple, West of Halsted

6593 Apple Blossom Trail
6664 Apple Blossom Trail
6750 Alta Vista Dr.
6743 Alta Vista Dr.
7067 Alta Vista Dr.
6763 Queen Anne Ct.
6785 Queen Anne Ct.

Bloomfield Pines
South off Maple, West of Halsted

6603 Bridgewater Dr.

Maple Woods 5
East off Farmington Rd., North of Maple

4892 Peggy St.
4992 Peggy St.

Torrey Ridge
South off Pontiac Trail, East of Halsted

4680 Woodbine Cr.
6211 Lynn Ct.
4733 Woodbine Cr.

Park Ridge
North off Pontiac Trail, East of Haggerty

5180 Park Ridge Dr.
7398 Woodlore Dr.
5223 Park Ridge Ct.

Woodland Ridge
North off Walnut Lake, West of Halsted

6786 Torrybrooke Cr.
6771 Torrybrooke Cr.


Bloomfield Hills

Long Lake Shores
East off Middlebelt, North of Long Lake

1947 Long Lake Shores Dr.
1933 Long Lake Shores Dr.
1832 Long Lake Shores Dr.
2058 West Bend Ct.

Pine Lake
North off Long Lake, West of Middlebelt

3186 West Long Lake Rd.

Walnut Lake
West off Inkster, North of Walnut Lake

5550 Inkster Rd.
5634 Putnam Dr.
5460 Putnam Dr.

Hidden Ridge
East off Woodward, South of Long Lake

Lot#17 Hidden Ridge Dr.


Franklin Village

4615 Pickering
(West off Franklin, South of Maple)


Commerce Twp., Walled Lake, White Lake

Bogie Lake Estates
South off Cooley Lake, West of Commerce

5801 Turnberry Ct.

The Preserve
South off Commerce, West of Bogie Lake

4957 Foothills Dr.
4738 Greenview Ct.
4708 Greenview Ct.
4838 Greenview Ct.

Willow Way
North off 14 Mile, West of Haggerty

1871 Plumridge Ct.
1876 Plumridge Ct.
430 Cherry Grove Lane

Stonegate & Commerce Pines
South off Oakley Park, West of Welch

3256 Gateway Ledge
3236 Gateway Ledge
3146 Gateway Ledge
3235 Gateway Ledge
1760 Commerce Pines Cr.

Smuggler's Ridge
South off Oakley Park, West of South Commerce

3190 Smugglers Dr.
3103 Buss Dr.

Ashley Oaks
East off Decker, North of Pontiac Trail

1871 Aston

Crystal Shores Estates
East off Benstein, North of Oakley Park, enter on Certin

1570 Wandrei Ct.

West off Benstein, North of Maple

1995 Dorchester Dr.
1974 Dorchester Dr.
1994 Dorchester Dr.
2004 Dorchester Dr.
845 Drakeshire

Tamarak Hills
North off Cooley Lake, West of Mystic Valley

5911 Ridgewood Lane

Beacon Hill
West off Carey, North of Commerce

2341 Baltusrol


West Bloomfield (Northern Areas)

Spring Meadow
North off Commerce, East of Keith

2853 West Bloomfield Oaks Dr.
2889 West Bloomfield Oaks Dr.
7387 Spring Oak Ct.
7410 Spring Oak Ct.
2591 Water Oaks Dr.
2664 Water Oaks Dr.
2713 Water Oaks Dr.
2895 Water Oaks Dr.
7258 White Oak Dr.
Hunting residence - 7165 Aaronway Dr.
Priest residence - 7170 Aaronway Dr.
Woolf residence - 7220 Ilanaway

Wood Pond
South off Willow, East of Keith

2594 Alden Ct.

West Bloomfield Ridge
South off Commerce, West of Green Lake

3080 Park Forest Dr
3181 Park Forest Dr.

North off Greer, East of Hiller

1591 Sugar Maple Way
1587 Sugar Maple Way
1706 Mountain Ash
1723 Mountain Ash
1734 Mountain Ash
5059 Cherry Blossom Cr.
5240 Winton Ct.
1890 Bloomfield Oaks Dr.
1900 Bloomfield Oaks Dr.
1911 Bloomfield Oaks Dr.
1932 Bloomfield Oaks Dr.

Pilgrim Hills
Okin residence - West off Hiller, North of Greer, enter on Three Ponds

5937 Petros Dr.

Forest Bay
South off Cass-Elizabeth, West of Cass

4465 Woodridge Ct.


Farmington Hills

Farmington Ridge
East off Haggerty, South of 14 Mile

37988 Lancaster Dr.
30416 Scottshire Ct.
30421 Hanley Ct.
30316 Kingsway Dr.

Country Ridge
South off 14 Mile, West of Halsted

31211 Country Ridge Cr.

Chelsea Crossing
East off Halsted, South of 13 Mile

29473 Chelsea Crossing
29324 Chelsea Crossing

Copper Creek
North off 12 Mile, East of Haggerty

28661 Golf Pointe Blvd.
3820 French Pond Dr.



Walden Woods
South off 11 Mile, East of Beck

25954 Arcadia
25793 Cody Lane

Addington Park
South off 10 Mile, West of Taft

24139 Brentwood Ct.

Haverhill Farms
South off 14 Mile, West of Haggerty

40904 Kingsley Lane
40916 Kingsley Lane
31180 Kingswood Blvd.

North of 6 Mile, East of Beck

17553 Rolling Woods Cr.